New Optometrist

Time for some (really) good news from 2020. We have a new optometrist! Only this time it’s a very familiar face. 

Some eagle eyed clients may have noticed that our lovely dispensing optician and manager Steph was missing from the practice last year. Well, that’s because she was working extremely hard and studying for her degree in optometry at Bradford school of Optometry and Visual science. Because she is a qualified dispensing optician Steph was able to take a unique, condensed version of the course with six months of remote learning then 12 months at the university. The course is notoriously intensive and requires a great degree of hard work and dedication.

We are extremely proud to announce that not only has Steph completed the degree, but she passed with first class honours, a fabulous achievement and a testament to her diligence and abilities.

Steph is now back in practice working her pre-registration year and she needs lots of different eyes to test; if you need an examination, she’d love to see you!

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