5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Free Hearing Health Check

We are thrilled to have partnered with The Hearing Care Partnership to provide fantastic audiology care to our clients, offering free hearing assessments among other services. Since eyes are our speciality, we asked The Hearing Care Partnership why they recommend having a hearing check performed.

1. Hearing well improves your wellbeing

Our senses enable us to enjoy the world. They are essential to our brain health and wellbeing.
Healthy vision and hearing help us keep active and stay connected.
If these senses aren’t maintained and cared for, they can cause isolation and loneliness that can lead to an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia in later years.

2. It can change over time

While we may notice changes in our vision (and act faster), it can be harder to detect or come to terms with changes in our hearing.
That’s because changes in hearing occur slowly over time.Often, those closest to you will be the first to notice the signs of a hearing loss. Hearing loss can be frustrating for those who are experiencing it and for their loved ones too.

Early Signs of hearing loss

• Watching TV at a volume that is too loud for others in the room.

• Finding it harder to hear what’s said in a busy café, restaurant, event or meeting. Or creating excuses to withdraw from the conversation.

• Concentrating more to understand soft or low voices.

• Finding it challenging to hear over the phone.

3. Hearing well is good for your health

Did you know that if if our hearing deteriorates, we’re more likely to suffer from other conditions that pose a risk to our health too?

Social isolation

Hearing is key to managing in a social setting; it’s common for people with unaddressed hearing loss to avoid social situations. If you are suffering from loneliness, it is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day in health terms.


If you have a mild hearing loss you are twice as likely to experience depression, with a moderate hearing loss, it’s 3 times as likely and if you have a severe hearing loss, it’s 5 times more likely?.


People with hearing loss are also more at risk of cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, hearing has been identified as the most significant modifiable risk factor for dementia’, ahead of hypertension, obesity and lack of exercise.

4. It's free and quick to check your hearing health

If you’re over 50, you should have your hearing checked just as regularly as your eyes or your teeth. Thankfully, it’s free to do.

There are 2 useful hearing checks and both are totally free.

Hearing Health Check

A shorter appointment to determine your hearing levels and establish whether further investigation or solutions are recommended by one of our fully qualified Audiologists.

Full Hearing Assessment

A comprehensive look at your hearing health. We’ll also take time to understand the things you love in life, and if you need them, we’ll find the hearing options that will make most difference to you.

5. Hear more and do more with the latest hearing aids

Do you find following the conversation exhausting? When we live with a hearing loss, our brain works twice as hard to understand what’s being said – often filling in the gaps. So it’s no wonder we get tired.
But the good news is, the latest hearing devices can do most of the hard work for us. They can filter out background noise and help us pick out single voices, so our brains don’t have to. Often leaving people with more energy to do the things you love.

At The Hearing Care Partnership, we don’t just sell hearing aids. We offer complete Hearing Care Packages that give you everything you need. We all want to be the best version of ourselves as we get older, so we can do more and live our lives to the full. It’s all about looking after our senses, eating a healthy diet, moving more, creating strong social ties, and engaging in more of the things we love.


Total Peace of Mind

At The Hearing Care Partnership, our care doesn’t stop after your consultation; we’re here for you when you need us. So, if you need some advice or you want to talk something over, we’re here to listen. Our team of Audiologists cater to your specific needs every step of the way, doing what they do best to help you keep your life in high definition.

Hear Now. Pay Later.

We understand that hearing aids can be a big investment, which is why we offer a hearing aid payment plan to help you spread the cost, interest free for 10 months. Your audiologist will discuss the best hearing aid requirements to enhance your hearing and for your lifestyle, so you can do more.

Book a Hearing Check

To book a free hearing check, call the team on 01934 520520, or book online using the link below.

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