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Myopia is a growing problem and global concern. 

An estimated 5 billion people, or half the global population, could be affected by shortsightedness by 2050. 

What is Myopia?

We know that nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of your child, now and into the future. 

You may have noticed your child struggling to see clearly at a distance, making it harder to concentrate at school and have a fulfilling experience at play. Your child may have Myopia (or short-sightedness). The incidence of myopia is expected to increase significantly as lifestyle changes, with children taking part in more near-work activities like using digital devices, studying, reading and spending less time outdoors. Hereditary, behavioural and environmental factors also play a part.

Being able to have your child’s Myopia diagnosed early not only corrects their vision now, but can help slow the progression of Myopia and preserve their vision and eye health for the future. 

This is where MiYOSMART lenses come in. 

MiYOSMART – The Smart Way to Treat Your Child’s Myopia

Thankfully, you can manage Myopia progression with a simple, non-invasive solution. MiYOSMART spectacle lenses are designed to perform during all the activities children typically engage in, providing children with an effective visual solution that can slow down myopia progression and is also safe, light and highly impact resistant.

The lenses provide the vision correction so your child will experience comfortable vision for both near and distance. All this while working to reduce the progression of their shortsightedness. They are easy to adapt to and suitable for full time daily wear for a wide range of activities. MiYOSMART lenses look like regular spectacle lenses and are suitable for use in most styles of frame.

Why choose MiYOSMART?

  • They are a unique, innovative solution for managing Myopia.
  • They are child friendy, easy to adapt to and non invasive.
  • They are clinically proven to slow down the progression of Myopi

MiYOSMART Information & Cost

Payment Solutions
  • MiYOSMART Lenses are available from £300 a pair, or you can spread the cost with our payment plan.
  • Buy frame (prices vary, starting from £24.00)
  • £100 deposit towards lenses.
  • Monthly instalments of £25 thereafter.
  • This includes a new set of lenses every year, or whenever the prescription changes.
  • Lost or damaged lenses will be replaced half price (£75 per lens).

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