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It’s not just 21st Century spectacles we stock, but ranges from the 19th Century too

Are you a keen re-enactor of historical events? Do you spend time finding a costume that accurately reflects the era: clothing, weapons, accessories? Is the only thing missing a pair of authentic antique spectacles?

Glasses are one of the first things someone notices about your face, which is one of the main reasons we take such pride in our chosen eyewear today. However, if you take a strong interest in The American Frontier, Victorian Era, Civil War or Old West, you may like to complete your costume with a pair of authentic, era-appropriate eyewear.

At Bowen Opticians we stock a range of historical eyewear so that you can add that finishing touch to your overall appearance. Whether you’re an actor-re-enactor, costume designer, historian, writer or steampunker could have the perfect eyewear for you.

Amongst our collection you will find historically accurate frames from the 1830’s to 1880’s in a number of shapes, including octagon, oblong, large and small ovals. You will be able to browse our range of perfectly reproduced eyewear and try on as many pairs as you like, before finding the right accessory for your needs.

All of the historical eyewear we stock at Bowen Opticians can be fitted with your prescription, making your overall experience that much clearer.

So if you’re interested in authentic historical eyewear please email fiona@bowenopticians.co.uk for further information on the options available to you.

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