Children's Eyewear

Quality eyewear for your little people
All eyewear should fit well but this is especially important in children. The dispensing of children’s glasses is subject to stricter legislation than adults and for good reason. At Bowen Opticians we take the dispensing of children’s eyewear very seriously and you can be assured that your little one is in the best possible hands.


Our dispensing staff are trained to help you find the perfect frame for your child. It needs to be comfortable and well-fitting as well as being durable and stylish. We take detailed measurements; then the completed spectacles are fully customised, checked and fitted under the guidance of our dispensing optician.  We carry a large selection of frames in a variety of styles and sizes, including more specialist paediatric frames designed for babies and children with special requirements. We have both affordable and designer frames as well as styles selected for their durability.


We offer a range of upgrades on children’s lenses. This is especially good for children with higher prescriptions who would benefit from a more sophisticated lens material. Our upgrades also include safety packages (made from tougher material), protection packages (with anti-reflection and blue light protection) and sun protection packages.

Children’s Sports Eyewear

For many schools and sporting teams it is now mandatory to wear specialist sports goggles. We have supplied a number of prescription sports goggles and can confidently report that they are both practical and stylish. We can also supply prescription swimming goggles and probably anything else you can think of!

Contact Lenses for children 

Contact lenses are a great option for some children, either for everyday use or maybe just for sports or special occasions. We do not have a minimum age - suitability will be assessed on an individual basis. We are happy to discuss the options with you and your child if you think they may benefit from wearing lenses. 

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