Children's Eye Examinations

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At Bowen Opticians, we understand the unique needs of young patients and offer comprehensive eye tests specifically tailored to children of all ages. Our specialised examinations are conducted with utmost care and expertise, ensuring accurate assessments of developing vision and eye health. Explore our range of children’s eye tests designed to detect and address any potential issues early on; because every child deserves clear vision for a bright future.

Private Children's Examination

£ 40
  • This is a longer appointment and you will be able to discuss wider issues surrounding your child’s development. The optometrist will have more time to get to know your child and gain their confidence. This is particularly useful where children are under-achieving at school or if they are very shy. Additional tests will be used to gain a more detailed understanding of your child’s vision. 
  • What's included:
  • You will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns or observations about your child’s eyesight.
  • We will ask you about your child’s health, development and background.
  • Your child’s vision will be assessed using a variety of tests, selected according to their age and ability. We cater for all ages, from babies upwards.
  • The optometrist will check that your child’s eyes look healthy and that both eyes work together correctly.
  • If glasses would benefit your child this will be discussed with you and a prescription can be issued. A referral can be made to the GP or Hospital Eye Service for further tests or treatment when required.
Free to Eyecare Scheme members

Standard NHS Sight Test   

20 minute appointment

Free under NHS
  • Free NHS sight tests are also available for children under 16 and for young people under 19 in full-time education.
  • What's included:
  • Your child’s eyesight will be assessed to see if it is normal for their age. The optometrist will carry out a basic binocular vision assessment to see if both eyes work together correctly and will examine them to check that the eyes look healthy.
  • If spectacles are required a prescription will be issued. Your child can also be referred to the Hospital Eye Service if further investigations are needed.

Children’s Eye Health Check

20 minute appointment

£ 25
  • We are happy to provide advice on minor eye conditions such as red eye, lumps and bumps etc. A fee is payable for this service as it is not covered by the NHS. We do not issue prescriptions for medication, although we will provide a report for the GP if required. A referral can also be made to the Hospital Eye Service if necessary. 
Free to Eyecare Scheme members

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