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What is MP-eye?

MP-Eye is new and innovative technology that measures levels of macular pigmentation, and identifies how low, or high your natural defensives are against harmful violet-blue light and oxidative damage.

Fast and highly effective, the MP-Eye is an invaluable addition to our arsenal of screening equipment, allowing us to give tailored advice on ways you can protect, and subsequently improve your future sight.

The MP-Eye can assess how much macular pigment is in the eye in less than a minute.

What determines my macular pigments?

Just as your skin pigmentation is unique to you, so is your macular pigmentation, and just like having lower skin pigmentation puts you at greater risk of uv damage, lower macular pigmentation puts your retina at greater risk of damage, which can lead to sight loss. (Note, macular pigmentation is not linked to skin, hair or eye colour!)

Genetics is the main determinant of your natural pigmentation levels. but lifestyle choices, such as good diet, not smoking, regular exercise, watching your weight and reducing exposure to violet-blue light can all increase macular pigment density over time.

This means your natural sunglasses are not only unique to you, but can also change over time depending on what you do.

What are macular pigments?

Macular pigments are long, thin molecules known as carotenoids, which we get from our diet. Although there are as many as 50 different carotenid pigments in our diet, only 3 - lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin - get concentrated in a thin layer in the macular region of the retina, just in front of the sensitive photoreceptors. Macular pigments act like natural sunglasses, protecting the eye from dangerous violet-blue light, and oxidative damage.

The problem is that, just like blood pressure, you can't tell the state of your macualr pigments without measuring them. This is where the MP-eye comes in!

Sun Protection

The good news is there are easy ways to improve your levels of macular pigmentation. We know that people that wear their sunglasses more frequently have higher levels of macular pigmentation, as measured on the MP-Eye. This means they have better natural protection against damaging light and oxidative damage.

Good sunglasses block 99% of UV, which contributes to cataracts and skin cancer around the eye. Brown, amber and yellow sunglasses are particularly effective at filtering out as much as 99% of the violet-blue light, which is now recognised to contribute towards age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


We understand it can be tricky to make dietary changes, and not everyone has the ability to digest and process the necessary nutrients. This is where supplements come in.

Eyehealth supplements can be purchased in the practice and are a fantastic way of making sure you get those crucial nutrients and macular pigments.

How do I Have the MP-Eye test?

The MP-Eye is available as part of our Full Eye Examinations and Private Sight Tests.

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