Adult Eye Examinations

Gold standard eyecare
At Bowen Opticians we prioritise the eye health of our clients above all else. We understand that the needs of a patient can vary from individual to individual and so we offer a range of clinical appointments, an overview of each can be found below.

Full Eye Examination

60 minute appointment

£ 75
  • This is our most popular appointment as it provides the best level of eyecare. As well as a detailed sight test we will assess the health of your eyes using the latest equipment and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the results. We will be able to reassure you if your eyes are healthy, as well as providing advice on maintaining good vision. The examination includes a state-of-the-art OCT scan which gives us a highly detailed three-dimensional image of the retina. We can examine parts of the eye which are not visible during a normal sight test and as a result if there are any problems these will be detected at a much earlier stage. We can arrange a referral for treatment if necessary.
Free to Eyecare Scheme members
£60+ NHS Funding if eligible

Sight Test

50 minute appointment

£ 60
  • What's Included
  • Your standard of vision will be assessed and your prescription measured
  • You will be asked about your health, family history and any previous problems you have had with your eyes
  • The optometrist will carry out a short binocular vision assessment and check that your eyes look healthy. Additional screening tests will be included where appropriate.
  • You will be given a copy of your spectacle prescription and advised whether or not you would benefit from new glasses.
Free to Eyecare Scheme members

Eye Health Assessment

40-60 minute appointment

£ 60
  • Your eye health will be assessed and we are happy to provide advice on minor eye conditions such as lumps and bumps, sore or gritty eyes, etc. if required. We can also advise on looking after your eyes and maintaining good vision.
Free to Eyecare Scheme members

Basic NHS Sight Test

30+ minute appointment

Free under NHS

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