Educational Programme

Taking eyecare into the community

From visiting schools and nurseries to taking part in local events, we have worked hard to cement our position in the community as an independent business that gives back.

Our educational programme has been an enormous success. We are passionate about educating children and parents on the importance of good eyecare and found that once we began reaching out to local schools, the response was overwhelmingly positive. We have now visited over 20 local play groups, nurseries, primary schools and colleges to educate, inform and raise awareness.

Each session is tailored to the age range of students attending and we use diagrams, props and roleplay to help drive home the message in a fun and engaging way.

As well as visiting primary schools, we have held workshops at local nurseries and preschools, speaking to children as young as two. We have found that there is a misconception that children need to be four or five years old to have their eyes tested, which is of course both untrue and potentially worrisome. By visiting nurseries we aim to raise awareness among parents and staff of the importance of eye tests at all ages.

Since beginning our educational programme we have definitely seen an increase in eye examinations for younger children which is fantastic.

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